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CES 2024: Innovation is Back

Robert Coolidge, CEO

CES 2024: Innovation is Back

I have been attending CES for the past 15 years, and we have seen the same, if not very similar things for all these years, so much so that it seems quite rote. CES 2024 was a very different story…the show truly rebounded from the COVID years, and innovation is back in full force.
CES is a portal into the future; it’s a portal into where we need to go as a company and in the residential environment. VR, AI, IoT – used to be just cool buzzwords. They are now very much here in the present and the future. Manufacturers, as well as consumers, are excitedly embracing this future. Those pushing the envelope will be the innovation leaders, challenging others to dig deep to remain relevant. At the core of all of this is the question: how will this innovation provide value to the consumer and open the door for after-sales support?

Using Technology for Cleaner and Safer Homes

No doubt a byproduct of the pandemic, home sanitization products were abundant, utilizing steam and UV light technology. This has led to families taking more notice of cleaning and sanitizing their homes, from removing shoes upon entering their homes, to wiping down doorknobs and other surfaces, to disinfecting and finding disinfecting cleaning supplies, all of which will be an important factor in the marketplace. It has given us food for thought and new insight into the cleanliness of our homes and business places. It is imperative that we have peace of mind, especially when it comes to our health and that of our families.
The all-in-one technology has also massively improved, with new technology wherein one machine washes and dries laundry. While we have had these machines for some time, the mechanics were not nearly as advanced as those coming to market now. This not only cuts down on time doing laundry, more importantly, it cuts down on utility consumption, saving the average family hundreds of dollars per year. Also with the new technology, the washer/dryer combo can text the consumer to let them know the load is finished and ready to fold! Ideally it would fold the laundry too… I think that will have to wait until the next generation!

3D Printing in the Parts Ecosystem

Based on the products and technology we saw at CES, I am sure that 3D printing will be part of the service parts ecosystem. It may never get to the point where a consumer would print a part at home, CAD requirements are significant. However, I think distributors or manufacturers could potentially print a part on demand. Plastic items like gears or knobs, a handle for your microwave or a range knob could easily be printed on these futuristic printers. While still in its early stages, I think 3D printing will be in the parts environment as a viable service repair option.

Nurturing Relationships in the Aftermarket Services

There were so many opportunities for supply chain at CES this year. There are new companies that need to move quickly to try to capture their share of the US market. Often, when at CES, we will see exceptional amounts of new brands that have innovative technology, and they are usually laser focused on the design, build, manufacturing and distribution of the product. That said, it seems that the after-purchase service is an “after-thought.”

The obvious questions for these consumer product startups:

“What are your ideas for the aftermarket? What are your plans to support your products, as well as other important questions, which is where we can assist these companies in educating them about after purchase support.
Think for a moment, of a customer purchasing the product that you have innovatively put hours or months or years into creating, and that product fails; what is the backup plan or support? That consumer is going to be much more forgiving if they buy a product that the manufacturer stands behind. A good service solution, with a qualified technician, good parts source, a good original new part that will not fail is imperative to providing a good quality product. On top of which, the support base will also provide feedback about the service experience. This could be the most important part of the brand building experience.

That’s where Encompass comes in, providing that kind of structure and insight, and the full-service solution for supply chain logistics.

We have a consumer direct platform with fully integrated API’s with most all service claims administration companies. We integrate with a multitude of claims management systems, field service networks, home warranty companies, and extended contract firms. For these startup companies that might be entering the home appliance, consumer electronics, personal care, power tools, lawn and garden, and/or the computer marketplace, we can provide an even stronger support experience. Encompass will provide the same full service, with all the bells and whistles, right out of the gate, very similarly as do the core manufacturers.
This is why we always make CES a priority to attend. Not only to meet with current customers and existing vendors, whom we already support and nurture, but to also seek out new companies entering the market that may not know that they need the excellent quality service that we can provide. We look forward to seeing everyone at CES 2025.

It’s Time to Prepare for the Right to Repair

Robert Coolidge, CEO

Robert Coolidge
President & CEO

‘Right to Repair’ is a term that most of the readers of this blog will be familiar with, given the media attention it has received in recent years. For those less familiar, Right to Repair refers to the movement to expand consumer’s options in repairing their personal property. Tactically, this means providing both consumers and independent third-party providers with access to the same tools, parts and documentation, made available to in-house repair teams and authorized third party repairers. The Right to Repair movement spans multiple industries (automotive, agricultural, medical devices, consumer electronics), with state-level laws passed across these industry verticals in the past year (Digital Electronic Equipment in New York, Wheelchairs and Agricultural Equipment in Colorado). In this post, I will focus on Right to Repair legislation for digital electronic equipment (including mobile, laptop, gaming), which will significantly impact some of our OEM partners at Encompass, and how we can be proactive in the solution.

Legislative Action to Date

While the Right to Repair conversation has been active at both the federal and state level over the past 2-3 years, states are leading the way by translating this conversation into legislative action:

New York’s Digital Fair Repair Act – New York’s Digital Fair Repair Act (N.Y. Gen. Bus. Law § 399-NN) is the first US state law to broadly protect a consumer’s right to repair their own Digital Electronic Equipment[1]. The law states that in the event that an OEM makes the Documentation[2], Parts and Tools[3] required for the diagnosis, maintenance, or repair of digital electronics available to its own employees or authorized providers, that OEM is required to make the same Documentation, Parts and Tools available to independent repair providers and consumers on fair and reasonable terms. These materials can be distributed either directly through an OEM or via an authorized provider.

[1] Legislation states that ‘Digital Electronic Equipment’ “means any hardware product that depends for its functioning, in whole or in part, on digital electronics embedded in or attached to the product for which the original equipment manufacturer makes available tools, parts, and documentation either through authorized repair providers, its own employees, or any authorized third-party providers.” Exempt industries include home appliances with embedded digital electronic products (including HVAC refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves), motor vehicles, electronic bikes, medical devices, security devices / alarm systems, off road equipment including power tools and garden equipment, commercial and industrial electrical equipment, and enterprise devices (B2B sales, B2G sales)
[2] Legislation states that ‘Documentation’ includes “any manual, diagram, reporting output, service code description, schematic diagram, or similar kinds of information required for effecting the services of diagnosis, maintenance, or repair of digital electronic equipment.”
[3] Legislation states that ‘Tool’ includes “any software program, hardware implement, or other apparatus used for diagnosis, maintenance, or repair of digital electronic equipment, including software or other mechanisms that provide, program, pair a part, calibrate functionality, or perform any other function required to repair or update the original equipment or part back to fully functional condition.”

The Digital Fair Repair Act will go into effect on December 28, 2023; the law will apply to Digital Electronic Equipment manufactured and sold in New York on or after July 1, 2023.  The law will be enforced by the New York Attorney General.

Beyond New York – With the passing of the New York Digital Fair Repair Act, Right to Repair Legislation has started to build renewed momentum across other states. As of February 2023, 20 states had filed Right to Repair legislation across multiple industry verticals. Of this group, 14 states filed legislation applicable to consumer electronic devices or appliances, including: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Missouri, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Washington, and Vermont.

Federal Action: Federal authorities, including the FTC and President Biden, have voiced the need for Right to Repair protections. However, as of March 2023, no federal Right to Repair laws had been passed, prompting attorney generals from 27 US states to deliver a letter to Congress highlighting the lack of progress and calling for lawmakers to advance expansive Right to Repair federal legislation targeted at automobiles, agricultural equipment, and digital electronics.

What This Means for OEMs

Now is the Time to Prepare: When the New York Digital Fair Repair Act becomes effective in December 2023, Right to Repair will no longer just be conversation. OEMs need to be prepared now to meet the extensive go-to-market requirements of this law.  Some OEMs are already preparing; Apple, Google and Samsung, have started to provide the public with access to repair manuals, tools, and parts on a limited scale (eligible for select models and a limited set of parts) – likely as a pilot in expectation of future legal requirements.

Right to Repair Creates Significant Risk and Complexity for OEMs: Given that Right to Repair has a heavy legislative pipeline at the state level, OEMs will need to be flexible to accommodate differing state-level (or potentially federal-level) requirements as new legislation is passed.  Alongside this complexity, supplying new customer groups (DIY, independent repair providers) who have less repair experience than traditional in-house, authorized repair teams will require heavier OEM investment in hands-on user content and training. OEMs will have to address increased intellectual property risks in making repair Documentation, Tools, and Parts, publicly available, and both OEMs and warranty providers will be confronted with greater complexity in navigating future repair claims.

Finding the Right Partner is Critical: Given the OEM exposure to risk and complexity described above, finding the right partner to navigate the rollout of Right to Repair laws is paramount. Right to Repair will require the creation of new content and go-to-market models. OEMs should lean on solutions-oriented providers that can offer agility, flexibility, insights, and resources to lighten the OEM load.

Right to Repair Support from Encompass

Commitment to our OEM Partners – With 70 years of experience, and a deep commitment to brand support, Encompass understands the needs of our OEM partners. Our work across ~20 repair industry verticals allow us to act as a thought partner to OEMs, bringing cross-industry best practices and learnings to the table. In addition, our commitment to selling OEM-only parts ensures that each customer receives a quality product and repairs the first time, eliminating confusion and dissatisfaction caused by generic substitutes.

Leading Data & Technology – We are actively investing in leading technology to improve the customer and partner experience. Our spin360 technology creates detailed 360-degree photographs of parts, helping ensure that customers are selecting the correct replacement part for their device. Our reporting and analytics capabilities enable us to provide our OEM partners with a complete view of demand and trends for both parts and customers.

Custom Solutions – Finally, at Encompass we work with our partners to design custom solutions to meet their needs. Whether it is creating virtual parts repair toolkits or bespoke user content (repair how-to videos, training guides, etc.), we are committed to the correct and safe repair of your branded products.

Former Longtime Rent-A-Center Service Executive Joins Encompass

Bobby Pope to lead depot repair, reverse logistics for company

Lawrenceville, Ga., June 6

Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, a division of Parts Town and leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, today announced Bobby Pope has been appointed vice president of its Service Solutions business.

Bobby Pope, vice president of Service Solutions

In this role, Pope will develop and execute strategic initiatives to help further expand Encompass’ on-site repair and reverse logistics group. Encompass is one of the only home parts suppliers in the U.S. that also maintains a service operation primarily for component-level circuit board repair exclusively for contracted manufacturers.

Pope has more than 30 years of experience managing repair operations. Just before joining Encompass full time, he consulted for the company’s Service Solutions operation to review various procedures. His objective was to help improve productivity and workflow efficiencies, which resulted in changes that enhanced overall performance and increased revenue across the group.

Prior to Encompass, Pope served as vice president of Product Service for Rent-A-Center’s former National Product Service division. During his tenure, Pope was responsible for 22 product service centers and 550 staff members across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. The centers repaired electronics, appliances, computers, phones and furniture for 2,400 Rent-A-Center retail stores, averaging 850,000 repairs annually.

“I’ve worked with Bobby for many years and am beyond thrilled to have someone of his caliber leading our Service team,” said Encompass President & CEO Robert Coolidge. “With his extensive industry knowledge and successful decades-long track record, I’m confident Bobby will be an enormous asset to Encompass.”

Service Solutions specializes in laptop repair for extended warranty service events and other channels. The team’s technicians service a host of small electronic goods from ice makers to keyless entry systems. Service Solutions also performs board repair on behalf of select contracted manufacturers to help meet demand for original replacement parts.

“It’s exciting to be joining an organization that I know and that is so forward thinking,” said Pope. “Encompass continually introduces innovative services, new technology and other advancements to significantly add value to the repair service industry. I look forward to contributing the best practices I’ve learned to take us even further.” 

About Encompass Supply Chain Solutions

Encompass was acquired by Parts Town – the global market leader in foodservice equipment parts distribution – in 2022 to expand its residential parts division, along with Dayton Appliance Parts.

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Encompass Appointed Authorized Spare Parts Distributor for Fisher & Paykel Appliances and DCS Grills

Lawrenceville, Ga., May 5, 2022Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, today announced it has received authorization from Fisher & Paykel to supply factory-certified parts to upgrade, maintain or replace components used in its full line of luxury home appliances.

Under an agreement with Fisher & Paykel, Encompass will serve as an authorized distributor of warranty and non-warranty parts for the manufacturer’s top-quality kitchen and laundry appliances, as well as its DCS brand of premium outdoor grills. The supplier will support Fisher & Paykel’s service network, product dealers and end users through its distribution facilities in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, Ohio and New York.

Encompass has steadily built its appliance parts business over the past several years to become the most OEM-authorized supplier in the country. It is especially adept at assisting high-end brands like Fisher & Paykel deliver exceptional aftersales service to its service network and consumer customers alike.  

“Encompass is very excited to be aligning with Fisher & Paykel to distribute parts for their innovative, luxury home products line,” said Joe Hurley, SVP of Business Development for Encompass. “With Fisher & Paykel, we have further reinforced our position as a simple, fast, one-stop convenient source of parts for major appliance brands.”

Encompass has been singularly focused on enhancing operational efficiency through initiatives such as growing its U.S. footprint, implementing additional warehouse automation and significantly expediting parts delivery. It recently doubled capacity at its Las Vegas facility and opened a new distribution center in Ohio to speed service to customers in the Midwest and West respectively.

“Fisher & Paykel products are designed to stand the test of time and to enrich and improve the lives of our valued customers,” said Fisher & Paykel Spare Parts Manager Curtis Gregory. “As such, it is extremely important for our partners to share our dedication to help keep our products in the best condition possible. Encompass has proven they are just as committed to ensuring our customers are well served and remain delighted with our products.”

In addition to the appliance vertical, Encompass’ distributes repair parts for other products throughout the home such as consumer electronics, HVAC, computer and personal care. Additionally, it offers on-site depot repair, parts warehousing and distribution and complete parts supply management solutions.

About Fisher & Paykel Appliances

Fisher & Paykel, New Zealand’s award-winning appliance brand, has been selling products to change the way people live since 1934. Over time the company has grown into a global organization, now operating in 30 countries with over 4,000 employees and manufacturing in Italy, Thailand and Mexico.

Fisher & Paykel’s design heritage is founded on a pioneering spirit and a culture of curiosity that has challenged conventional appliance design to consistently deliver products tailored to human needs. The company is committed to ongoing research and development with a culture of open innovation, which allows people to work collaboratively to find insights and ideas that connect with customers and respect the planet.

Fisher & Paykel believes everybody deserves good design, because good design is all about making life better. It has built its success on understanding its consumers and designing innovative products such as the award-winning DishDrawer™ Dishwasher – the world’s first dishwasher in a drawer and the class-leading CoolDrawer™ multi-temperature drawer.

A part of the wider Haier Group since 2012, Fisher & Paykel has strengthened its presence as a premium home appliance brand. Fisher & Paykel’s New Zealand Design Centre, based at two locations in Auckland and Dunedin, has been recognized as one of the wider Haier Group’s five global research and development centers of excellence.

About Encompass

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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05 Apr

Parts Town Acquires Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Acquisition broadens Parts Town’s offerings of OEM parts for products and appliances throughout the home

Addison, IL – April 5, 2022 – Parts Town, a global market leader in genuine OEM parts distribution and technology, has acquired Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. (“Encompass”), a leading national distributor of OEM repair parts for the home.

Headquartered near Atlanta, Encompass has grown rapidly in recent years by building strong manufacturer relationships, innovating through supply chain management and e-commerce, and providing excellent customer service. The company maintains six facilities, has close to 250 team members, more than 200 manufacturer relationships, and delivers nearly $200 million in annual revenue. Robert Coolidge, current president, and CEO of Encompass will continue to lead the business with additional investment and support from Parts Town.

“We are excited to partner with Robert and the entire Encompass team. The business has grown impressively under Robert’s leadership, and we are eager to support this great team in any way possible,” states David Wenger, Group President at PT Holdings, Parts Town’s parent company. Wenger continues, “We first entered the residential parts market with our acquisition of Dayton Appliance Parts in early 2021 and have been thrilled with the growth opportunities and manufacturer partnerships that have emerged.

We are eager to take another step forward with Encompass to grow in several product categories, including residential appliance parts and consumer electronics. Our efforts will continue to focus on improving the customer experience and growing genuine OEM parts sales in support of leading manufacturers.”

Following the transaction, Encompass and Dayton Appliance will remain separate entities within PT Holdings with that division focusing on residential parts under the leadership of Robert Coolidge as the Divisional President, who has been with Encompass for 30 years. Coolidge states, “This is an extraordinary opportunity to join a great group of companies. Parts Town is the most innovative, fastest growing parts distributor of any kind and we are eager to gain even more knowledge to better support our customers and manufacturers. The Parts Town team has demonstrated high integrity and has made us

feel very welcomed. We are ready for this next chapter of growth and innovation at Encompass.” To learn more about Parts Town and its offerings, please visit partstown.com.

About Parts Town

 Parts Town is the leading, technology-enabled global distributor of genuine OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for the foodservice industry. Driven by its commitment to technology and innovation, Parts Town is expanding to serve new segments including HVAC and residential appliance parts. When there’s a hiccup for any foodservice provider or service technician company, Parts Town is ready to jump

in and help with the most in-stock parts on the planet, innovative technology, and an unmatched customer experience. Its customized solutions benefit foodservice operators, service companies and a growing list of other customer segments. Partnering with more than 1,100 leading manufacturers, Parts Town improves the supply chain, increases sales of genuine OEM parts, and keeps every customer’s business running like clockwork.

Parts Town’s drive for innovation is led by Red Lightning Group, a new and separate division of PT Holdings focusing solely on innovation to support the foodservice industry and beyond, accelerating the pace of breakthroughs that support the group’s diverse customer base. Red Lightning Group’s mission is to boldly strike at lightning speed to deliver game-changing innovation and technology in an effort to discover the next big thing.

For more information, visit partstown.com/.

Media Contact
Linda Ramsey

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15 Mar

Encompass Appointed Authorized Distributor of Bosch Home Appliance Parts

Lawrenceville, Ga., March 15, 2022Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, today announced it has received authorization from Bosch to supply factory-certified parts for home appliance repairs.

Per an agreement with Bosch, a prominent global appliance maker, Encompass will distribute parts for use in warranty and non-warranty repairs of Bosch high-quality laundry and kitchen products. The deal additionally comprises Bosch luxury kitchen brands Gaggenau and Thermador.

“We could not be more pleased with the opportunity to support the renowned Bosch brand,” said Encompass President and CEO Robert Coolidge. “With the addition of Bosch, Encompass has further reinforced our standing in the market as a convenient single source of repair parts for virtually all the world’s major appliance brands – as well as brands for many other product categories.”

Encompass is one of the nation’s most diversified original parts distributors, supporting numerous verticals beyond Appliance, such as Consumer Electronics, HVAC, Computer, Printer and Personal Care. The company also offers a variety of aftersales services from complete parts supply chain management to repair and refurbishment.

Encompass will leverage its distribution facilities in Georgia, Florida, Nevada, New York and Ohio to warehouse and ship Bosch parts to service centers and end users throughout the U.S. Coolidge said the company is currently assessing other strategic locales for distribution, particularly in the Midwest and West.

“Our goal is to provide next day delivery to as much of the country as we can,” he said. “By listening to our customers, we know it is absolutely critical to get parts where they need to be fast. People simply cannot wait days to get their refrigerators or washing machines fixed.”

About Bosch Home Appliances

Bosch home appliances has been selling high-quality appliances in the United States since 1991. With a focus on engineering products that simplify life, Bosch is known nationwide for raising the standards in quietness, efficiency and design. Bosch frequently receives top ratings in leading consumer publications. Bosch home appliances is part of BSH Home Appliances Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Munich based BSH Home Appliances Group, the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide. Headquartered in Irvine, CA, the company operates manufacturing facilities in La Follette, Tenn., and New Bern, N.C., housing state-of-the-art factories for dishwashers, ranges, ovens and cooktops. Technology and Development Centers are located in Caryville and Oak Ridge, Tenn., and New Bern, N.C.

About Encompass

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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09 Mar

Encompass Expedites Service to Midwest with New Ohio Parts Distribution Center

Supplier also adds training centers to Ohio and Las Vegas facilities

Lawrenceville, Ga., March 9, 2022Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, today announced it has opened a fifth parts distribution facility to enhance coverage in the Midwestern U.S.

The new 50,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center is located in West Chester, Ohio – just outside

Cincinnati – and augments Encompass’ existing distribution centers in Georgia, Florida, Nevada and New York. The operation enables Encompass to expand next-day parts delivery in the Midwest, which is especially critical for the company’s appliance and HVAC repair customers. Components used in the repair of kitchen, laundry and heating and cooling appliances are among Encompass’ top-selling offerings and are key factors driving the company’s record growth over several consecutive years.

“We understand how important it is to get vital home appliances repaired as fast as possible,” said Encompass President and CEO Robert Coolidge. “How long can a family wait to get their refrigerator fixed or the heat working again? Encompass is now well positioned to have critical repair parts delivered overnight to thousands of more customers.”

Encompass supplies parts and accessories to both business and consumer customers via its ecommerce site encompass.com. The company carries parts for products throughout the home in addition to appliances, including electronics, computers, printers, personal care goods and many others.

All Encompass facilities offer will call, enabling local customers to pick up parts same day if they choose. Coolidge said the company is currently evaluating sites for further expansion, particularly in Western markets.

Encompass recently doubled the size of its Las Vegas distribution center to increase stocking positions of high demand parts. Beyond accommodating more inventory, Coolidge said space has been carved out for a second Training Center in Las Vegas to complement those located at Encompass’ Georgia headquarters and the new Ohio operation. The company offers both virtual and onsite laundry and kitchen appliance and HVAC repair classes from top tier industry trainers. The training facilities are also available to Encompass business partners for any needs they may have, such as introducing new products to their service networks.

“Encompass strives to be much more than just a parts distributor,” said Coolidge. “We work hard to deliver the tools and resources needed to strengthen the entire aftersales supply chain.” 

About Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc.

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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01 Mar

Encompass Integrates with Rossware Business Platform

Simplifies repair servicer access to home appliance spare parts

Lawrenceville, Ga., March 2, 2022Encompass Supply Chain Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, today announced it has connected to Rossware Computing’s business management system for streamlined appliance parts purchasing.

Rossware’s ServiceDesk solution offers extensive functionality to assist repair service companies with all facets of their business from initial call taking and dispatch to parts inventory management and accounting. Integration with Encompass enables users to quickly order appliance parts online right from ServiceDesk without having to visit the supplier’s ecommerce site.

“Connecting with ServiceDesk greatly simplifies parts procurement for Encompass customers that use the platform,” said Encompass President and CEO Robert Coolidge. “The appliance service industry is more stretched to capacity than ever before, so anything that can be done to help expedite and streamline the repair process is a bonus.”

ServiceDesk integrates with Encompass via API, enabling users that are existing Encompass customers to view real-time parts availability and pricing, submit orders and check delivery status from a single dashboard. 

“We developed ServiceDesk to offer the repair industry a comprehensive one-stop solution to manage their business,” said Rossware President and CEO Glade Ross. “Integrating with parts distributors like Encompass is another value add for the thousands of servicers that use our platform.”

Coolidge said Encompass was among the first parts suppliers to implement direct system connectivity to partners such manufacturers, warranty providers and other entities similar to Rossware. The company recently added RESTful services as an upgraded integration option.

“Encompass was at the forefront of leveraging technology to enable fast, easy access to our parts inventory and order placement system,” said Coolidge. “With ServiceDesk, we are able to further assist the service industry in more easily obtaining the parts they need right away to perform critical appliance product repairs.”  

About Rossware

Rossware Computing, Inc. is dedicated to the production and robust support of innovative solutions to real and operational servicing needs. We are continuously and rapidly developing and improving. Our biggest input is the real-life experience among thousands of active and intelligent users. To maximize the benefit of feedback from those users, we foster a corporate culture that attracts and retains creative, practical, and energetic employees who are driven to “make computers think”. . . in particular, for the very and specific purpose of making our clients’ lives better. 

About Encompass

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers.

For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

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22 Feb

Encompass HVAC Servicer Open House & Lunch

March 16, 2022
11:30 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
Encompass Davie Parts Distribution Facility
3410 Davie Road, Suite 403, Davie, FL 33314

Encompass — a leading supplier of repair parts for repairs throughout the home — invites Florida-based HVAC service repair companies to visit our Davie/Fort Lauderdale parts distribution facility for lunch and a tour of our operation. We’ll also be giving away great prizes — what’s not to love?

We’re excited to share our HVAC parts supply capabilities, including Arrco Compressors — a high-quality alternative to costly OEM parts.

Come meet our team of HVAC experts and learn how Encompass can support your business, while enjoying a FREE lunch and giveaways!

Questions? Contact Encompass HVAC Manager Lynn Tedim:
ltedim@encompass.com / 954.687.0612


09 Dec

Reimagining Workforce Strategies

What a difference a year makes. At this time in 2019, it was business as usual with the excitement of the holidays just around the corner. None of us could have predicted that in just a few short months, the world would be turned upside down by a global pandemic.

“Social distancing” is now part of our vernacular, and face masks are as essential as shoes to wear in public. Zoom meetings have replaced sitting around a conference table, and even trade shows have gone virtual.

Businesses have had to quickly adapt to keep operations running, while minimizing the risk of spreading disease and complying with state and federal guidelines. The pandemic has forced businesses to rethink their workforce strategies – perhaps for the better. Those that have resisted telecommuting, may find it leads to more productive, content employees, while saving infrastructure costs and/or freeing up space for inventory. With today’s interactive technology, working remotely has never been more viable.

But there has also been other less positive impact. Although well-intentioned, pandemic-related government financial subsidies have caused a number of low-wage workers to quit jobs, believing they can make more money than they were being paid at work. Even if temporary, these payments have put a dent in available labor.

Now many businesses are faced with having to step up efforts to both retain existing employees and attract new ones. Not so simple in these unprecedented, unpredictable times. Since it’s much more expensive to hire and train new employees than to keep your existing workforce content, most of your efforts should be aimed at retention. According to a study conducted by CareerAddict earlier this year (prior to the COVID-19 crisis), these are the top five reasons people choose to leave their jobs:

  1. No Progression (lack of career advancement)
  2. Low Pay
  3. Not Getting Well-Deserved Raise
  4. Poor Leadership
  5. Change of Career Goals

Here are some ideas to consider for strengthening loyalty among existing staff, with focus on the warehousing, manufacturing and repair sectors:

  • Identify All-Stars – In our general industry, most tasks can be easily tracked: number of widgets made, picked, packed and shipped hourly and so forth. Management, as well as employees, typically know who’s killing it and who is barely doing the minimum. Be on the lookout for staffers going above and beyond. Talk to them about stepping up to lead positions and keep them engaged by rewarding them with recognition and a clear career path. Offer additional training and schooling as other incentives. These unicorns are hard to find – don’t lose them to a competitor down the street paying 50 cents more an hour.
  • Pay for Performance – Oftentimes, both all-stars and slackers make the same hourly wage, which is not good for morale. Realize that not all employees are performing equally. Paying a bit more to A players can help keep them on board, while potentially encouraging subpar staff to step up. You may even find you can actually allocate the same amount or less in wages with fewer people if they’re top performers.
  • Amp Up the Workplace – Make it a more fun place to work. Add a ping pong table or other games to the breakroom and energetic music in workspaces.Listen to your staff about what would make them more comfortable. When Encompass warehouse workers told management they needed better access to ice in the summer, we brought in an industrial-sized ice maker. When we learned not everyone could afford quality footwear, we initiated a program to regularly distribute Nike Air shoes. We also offer credits toward purchases of good quality, healthy food stocked in our breakroom by a local vendor.Making even nominal investments in creating a more employee-centric workplace could make a huge difference in loyalty and morale. You are sure to be better positioned the next time a competitor tries to lure away your team.
  • Flexibility – It’s obviously impossible to enable production line employees to work remotely. However, consider this option for other staff who don’t need to be on site every day. A break from a long commute goes a long way toward boosting quality of life, not to mention saving time and money on gas and meals. Encompass has found that  most remote employees are actually more productive, take fewer sick days and ultimately work longer hours.  and even working longer hours.For those who must be on site, try to incorporate programs that give them a chance to visit the doctor or see a child’s play without penalty. Always remember employees have lives outside your company. Keeping them happy is worth the slight hassle of rearranging schedules periodically.  Businesses that offer paid vacation should encourage employees to take advantage of this time away from work so they can get revitalized, while creating memories with their families

By cultivating more “A” players, your business can operate more effectively, which can help save money to improve wages and fund workplace perks. Yet even with a fun, motivating work environment, you will inevitably still lose quality employees. But you can always leverage your incentives throughout recruitment efforts to attract top talent. Strive to stand out from your competitors in the hiring channels.

You never know when you may be able to entice an ace ping pong player who can pick 100 lines an hour.