4PL Parts Supply Chain Management

With nearly 70 years of industry experience, Encompass provides a variety of distribution options to address the specific needs and pain points of our clients. Whether you need full parts management (4PL) or just pick/pack/ship support, we offer flexible programs at fair, simple, competitive pricing.

Encompass specializes in supply chain management for a broad range of consumer electronics, appliance, computer and imaging products. The graphic below illustrates the various supply chain services and where Encompass fits as providers of 3PL and 4PL support.


Delivering World-Class Logistics Services

Leveraging expansive warehouse and distribution infrastructure strategically located in Atlanta, South Florida, New York and Nevada, Encompass delivers world-class logistics services for OEM finished goods and replacement parts. We provide access to 8+ million original parts SKUs from 200+ leading manufacturers, ensuring superior fill rates.

Customers can offload any part of their operations that distract from core competencies and reduce profitability. With four warehouses and expandable infrastructure, we can house and manage inventory directly, eliminating massive operational and carrying costs for our customers.

To provide full visibility into key performance indicators specified by our customers, we offer comprehensive reporting accessible daily, weekly or monthly.

                                                                                 Supply Chain Services

Database Management

  • Item master
  • Parts identification
  • Real-time, browser-based database access
  • Real-time access via mobile device

Inventory Management

  • Forecasting and logistics
  • Inventory ownership
  • Obsolescence management
  • Vendor managed/Vendor enhanced

Supplier Relationship Management

  • Core and DUD administration
  • Returns management
  • Vendor drop-ship management
  • Customer / Call Center support
  • Co-developed service level agreements
  • Financial analysis and customized reporting

Warehousing / Warehouse Logistics

  • Receiving, inspection and stocking
  • Warehousing
  • Pick/pack/ship
  • JIT delivery

Electronic Order Processing

  • Web interface and custom interface development
  • Real-time order tracking

Shipping Administration

  • Freight forwarding
  • Transportation, small parcel, LTL