Reverse Logistics & Asset Recovery

Consumer returms are inevitable in the product lifecycle. Encompass is expertly equipped to handle this process for you. We provide full reverse logistics services to ease the burden of returns for our clients.

With expert in-house techs ready to repair or refurbish, manufacturers, third-party administrators, and retailers canbe rest assured. We operate warehouse, distribution, and repair/refurbishment facilities in Georgia and Florida. Features include:

  • Bulk and individual returns processing
  • Goods inspections and functionality testing
  • Consumer and service vendor returns management
  • Return Authorization based on your specific business rules
  • Product receiving and warehousing, minimizing your infrastructure costs
  • Advance exchange, ensuring the satisfaction of your customers with fast product replacement
  • Product disposition through a variety of methods to your greatest
  • Comprehensive reporting on returns volume and status through our advanced data management system

Extracting Full Product Value

Encompass has decades of experience in extending the life of consumer and commercial electronics. We ensure our customers reap as much value as possible from returned goods:

  • Refurbishment — Minor touch up of products to resell through alternate channels.
  • Repair — Depot and board-level technical testing and repair services, going beyond simple cosmetic refurbishment to regain product value for replacement or resale.
  • Liquidation — Selling unrepairable or obsolete stock to salvagers.
  • Green Choice Parts® — Encompass’ proprietary reclaimed parts brand through which good, working parts are harvested for reuse in repairs.
  • E-Recycling — Eco-friendly disposal, strictly adhering to environmental and security regulations and using only certified and federally-approved partners
  • OEM Returns — Aggregating and shipping products back to the supplier or original manufacturer

Flexible Solutions

Whether you want to outsource one step in the returns process or the entire scope, Encompass can easily accommodate the specialized needs of our customers. We have the infrastructure and deep industry expertise to provide any or all returns services, reducing your costs and enabling you to stay focused on your core business.

Encompass can help your business maximize the value of obsolete and defective products through our asset management services. From parts reclamation to repairing or refurbishing goods for sale through alternate market channels to liquidating end-of-life products through salvage  companies, we provide an array of options to recover full value from  your products.


Experience the Encompass Difference

While there may be other distributors in the market, none can match the experience, comprehensive inventory and value-added services Encompass provides:

  • 70+ years of proven distribution experience
  • Always genuine OEM parts for every purpose
  • Every part for every home under one roof
  • Same-day shipping until 5pm EST
  • Easy returns for 180 days
  • Personalized customer experience
  • Innovative business solutions
  • A State-of-the-art warehouse managament system
  • Flexible technology interfacing with instant access to inventory, order confirmation, and real time tracking
  • Automated backorder sourcing
  • Customized core management