CE Tech Tips — January 2022

CE Tech Tips — January 2022

Due to the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information.

Hitachi TV, 60V500A
Reason for Service: Sound distortion (rattling sound) on speaker with action movie and bass set to max.
Solution: Replace side protector between woofer and power supply with new part MN06392. 

Samsung TV, LN46A530P1F
Reason for Service: No backlight, power supply comes up with all voltages.
Solution: Replaced main board to fix.

Samsung TV, UN55C6900VFXZA
Reason for Service: Dead set.
Solution: Replaced 2 components in power supply. ICB801 and ZDB802.

Samsung TV, UN40F6300
Reason for Service: Dead set, power LED 2 blink error.
Solution: Found bad SM cap, RS802, replacing fixed set.

Sanyo TV, DP42841
Reason for Service: Audio cuts out at high volume and crackles sometimes.
Solution: Replaced Audio IC LV4906.  

Zenith TV, P42W46X
Reason for Service: Black screen, slowly gets better the longer set is on.
Solution: Found C61 in power supply bad. 47uF/50V.

Zenith TV, Z50PG10UA
Reason for Service: No video or OSD, screen lights up.
Solution: Replacing upper buffer fixed this set.


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