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How to Easily Defrost Samsung Fridge

Due the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the
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Defrosting the ice maker of a Samsung refrigerator is typically all that’s needed to get it working again.  Defrosting should also be performed when ice builds up on the condenser coils and water leaks. It’s a simple job; below are a couple of ways to defrost an ice maker, along with useful information on maintaining the unit.

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Reset Ice Maker

The first method to defrost a Samsung ice maker is to reset it. When reset, the ice maker goes into a defrost cycle, which removes any ice that’s built up in the unit.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Remove ice bucket from unit.

2. Locate Test button and press down until it chimes.

3. Ice maker should go into test cycle and defrosting mode.

4. Reinstall ice bucket at start of next cycle so it can collect any water.

5. Once cycle ends, it will chime again, which means ice maker can be used again.

Forced defrost method

If the reset method doesn’t work, try the forced defrost mode, which should clear the ice that has built up in the unit.

1. Find and press Power Freeze and Lighting buttons. If fridge doesn’t have power freeze button, press Energy Save instead.

2. Hold both buttons down for five seconds.

3. Next, press “lighting” button until “fd” displays. Appliance will go into forced defrost mode.

4. Wait approximately 30 minutes for cycle to end.

5. Once cycle ends, wipe ice maker to remove any water. The unit should now be defrosted and ready to use again.

Maintaining Samsung Ice Maker

To help prevent an ice maker from frosting over again and also increase its lifespan, try these tips:

  • If any visible frost on ice maker, use cloth or scraper to remove.
  • Check ice maker weekly and defrost again if needed.
  • Turn off ice maker when not being used. This minimizes buildup and saves energy.
  • Regularly clean rubber seals in ice bucket to prevent frost and other debris from building up.

Samsung Ice Maker FAQ

Why do I need to do a forced defrost of my Samsung ice maker?

Forced defrosting is needed when ice makers become frosted over and don’t operate correctly. This is usually caused by a blocked vent, faulty defrost heater or timer, or dirty condenser coils. Before putting the ice maker in a forced defrost cycle, fix the underlying problem.

What error codes on my Samsung refrigerator relate to the ice maker?

Error codes appear on the refrigerator’s display screen when something is wrong with one of its components. The following error codes apply to the ice maker:

  • 5E – Fridge defrost sensor error.
  • 8E and 14E – Problem with ice maker sensor.
  • 33E – Problem with ice pipe heater.
  • 39E and 39C – Ice maker function error.
  • 40E and 40C – Problem with ice maker fan.
  • 84C – Problem with compressor lock.

How long does it take to defrost my Samsung ice maker?

The forced defrost cycle takes about 30-60 minutes. Turning off the ice maker off can take up to 24 hours to fully defrost.

How often should I defrost my ice maker?

If the ice maker is used regularly, it should be defrosted monthly. If it’s not used very often, it can be defrosted every 3 months. However, if it’s every found to be covered in frost, it should be defrosted immediately. To help maintain the ice maker, check it weekly just to make sure no frost has built up on the unit.


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