How Dryer Balls Work

How Dryer Balls Work

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Dryer balls are great for helping reduce laundry drying time. Unlike other drying aids like dryer sheets and fabric softeners, dryer balls don’t contain any harsh chemicals, which make them much better for sensitive skin, as well as the environment. Additionally, unlike liquid softeners and disposable sheets, dryer balls can last for years depending on how often they’re used.

Dryer balls can be used with most hearty fabrics like linen, cotton and polyester. Avoid using them with delicates as they could cause damage. Dryer balls can be washed by hand in hot soapy water or in the washing machine with other laundry items. Before using them again, make sure they are completely dry or they won’t work properly.

Here’s some other helpful information on how dryer balls work and the benefits:

Keep Laundry Separated

The main function of dryer balls is to keep laundry separated during the drying cycle. They bounce around the dryer drum, which helps create gaps between clothes and other laundry items. This enables hot air to better circulate, reducing both drying time and energy costs.

Absorb Moisture

The best dryer balls are made from wool, which helps them absorb moisture from wet laundry, leading to faster drying.

Soften Fabrics

While dryer balls bounce around, they help soften laundry fabrics by gently moving against and through them. This also helps remove wrinkles from clothing.

Reduce Static

Ever felt an unpleasant electric shock when removing clothes from the dryer? Dryer balls help reduce static by moving through laundry items.

Reduce Lint

Lint can develop in the dryer from laundry friction, which is minimized by dryer balls keeping items separate.

How to Use Dryer Balls

For best results, follow these steps:

  1. Add essential oil: Use a few drops of aromatic essential oils directly on dryer balls for a fresher laundry scent.
  2. Use multiple dryer balls: Throw in two to four dryer balls depending on load size.
  3. Start dryer: Once dryer starts, dryer balls will do their thing.
  4. Take them out: After drying cycle, remove dryer balls and store elsewhere.


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