Encompass Supply Chain Solutions Selects Blitzz’s App-Free Video Support to Identify Replacement Parts Remotely

Encompass Supply Chain Solutions Selects Blitzz’s App-Free Video Support to Identify Replacement Parts Remotely

Encompass uses live video and augmented reality (AR) to identify replacement parts remotely.

SAN JOSE, California, June 13, 2024 Blitzz the app-free mobile video platform for remote customer support, today announced that Encompass Supply Chain Solutions , a leading national provider of replacement parts and supply chain services for a diverse range of product brands, will use its live video support technology for quick and easy replacement part identification.

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts for products throughout the home and complete parts supply chain management for consumer and B2B customers. In the past, when retail customers needed to identify their model numbers or parts, Encompass would try to get the information they needed over a phone call. Those conversations relied on verbal descriptions that sometimes left customers and support agents feeling confused or frustrated.

With Blitzz’s app-free video support software, an Encompass support agent simply sends a link via SMS text message to a customer. Once clicked, the support agent can instantly see through the customer’s smartphone camera. They can identify model numbers and collaborate via an interactive video call without downloading third-party apps like Zoom, Webex, or Teams. Both parties can use AR to draw on the screen in real-time and identify points of interest.

“We aim to provide a top-notch experience for our customers and supply them with the specific parts they need exactly when they need them. Blitzz is an invaluable tool to help us accomplish that mission,” said Jim Scarff, VP of Customer Support at Encompass. “Blitzz is very user friendly for customers and agents alike and offers seamless support that keeps our business running smoothly.”

Blitzz provides the following benefits for Encompass and its customers:

  • Less guesswork : With live video, customers no longer have to guess whether they’re properly identifying parts.
  • Fewer callbacks : Encompass is now able to identify parts the first time a customer reaches out for assistance.
  • Faster delivery : Video takes guesswork out of identifying replacement parts, so Encompass is able to process orders and send them out with less back and forth.

“We’re proud to help Encompass build on their excellent reputation for customer care with the addition of remote video support,” said Rama Sreenivasan, Founder and CEO of Blitzz. “Blitzz makes it faster and easier for customers to get the help they need, and receive their replacement parts, right when they need them.”

For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

For more information about Encompass, visit www.encompass.com.

About Blitzz

Blitzz is an ingenious app-free way to let remote technicians and support agents troubleshoot problems by seeing through an onsite smartphone camera: The technician or support agent texts a link, the customer clicks it, and then both are looking through the camera together. Blitzz helps companies save time and money by empowering customer support, field service and sales teams to get technical troubleshooting, inspection, audits, insurance claims, maintenance, and more done faster and safer. It facilitates millions of minutes of video monthly across a range of industries, including telecommunications, automotive, construction, power and utilities, insurance, and more. For more information about Blitzz, visit www.blitzz.co.

About Encompass

Formed in 1953, Encompass is one of the country’s largest suppliers of repair parts and accessories for products throughout the home. Encompass also offers complete parts supply chain management, 3PL, depot repair and reverse logistics service. In addition to consumers, we support an array of B2B customers, including manufacturers, multi-family property management, warranty providers, service networks, independent dealers and retailers. For more information, please visit solutions.encompass.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

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