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Date: October 11, 2021
To: Florida Samsung Branded Engineers & ASCs

Samsung has transferred the support of branded engineers and authorize service centers located in the Florida Region to Encompass supply chain solutions. This is to maintain and enhance one day delivery of Samsung parts.

To help enhance support to your business, Samsung is pleased to announce we have selected Encompass to serve as the source of Samsung repair parts for Home Appliance and TV Parts. Samsung Branded Engineers and Authorized Service Centers should begin obtaining parts from Encompass directly beginning October 11, 2021. You can view Encompass’ Samsung parts catalog online and easily place orders at

Please continue to file warranty claims as usual; processing and reimbursement procedures remain the same. Please use Encompass invoice number when filling your warranty claims (Detailed instructions to follow in the upcoming weeks). Also, Encompass will adhere to the same service levels and freight policies you had with Samsung. Orders placed to GPCA will be fulfilled, however may take longer to deliver due to transit time from a warehouse further away from Florida.

Encompass already stocks one of the largest inventories of Samsung parts in the country and are working to further increase availability to meet your demand. Here are some other great benefits Encompass offers:

  • FREE parts delivery – same as Samsung
  • In-stock parts delivered next day/2nd day to much of U.S. when orders placed by 5 p.m. Eastern (parcel) or 3 p.m. Eastern (LTL)
  • Research requests, order confirmations, returns and more will all be handled electronically or by the Encompass Samsung Hotline
  • Toll-free hotline exclusively for Samsung servicers: 855.678.6111
  • Dedicated Account Manager for personal assistance: Lynn Tedim, / 954.687.0612
  • Useful online tools, resources and other features — click here for a video overview
  • Extensive account management tools plus custom integration and reporting

Next Steps

  1. Please contact Encompass to make sure your account status and credit limit has been updated to anticipate higher
  2. Ask Encompass for any training your team may need on using Encompass
  3. Reach out to your RSM or GPCA if you need additional support

An FAQ document is attached, please note that over the upcoming weeks we will release more details and instructions for you. However you can always contact Encompass for further details.

Encompass is ready to help simplify your parts experience. If you do not already have a wholesale account with Encompass, please click here to complete a business application — we offer both terms and credit card accounts. Also, please be sure to email a copy of your most recent sales tax certificate to the following email in order to avoid sales tax to be added to your Encompass Invoices:

Samsung is grateful for the efforts of our service network and is confident that the transition to Encompass will be seamless. Again, for any questions or one-on-one parts assistance, please contact:

Lynn Tedim, Samsung Account Manager with Encompass / 954.687.0612 or Toll-Free Hotline: 855.511.6422

Contact at GPCA: Parts operations team/562-212-8430

Thank you,

Samsung Field Service and GPCA Teams

Samsung – Encompass FAQ – Florida Region

Q- Is this mandatory?
A- No this is not mandatory, however parts that are ordered from GPCA in Florida may be delayed which may affect your Turn Around Time (TAT).

Q- Can BEs and DSCs purchase in-warranty parts from other distributors?
A- No, Encompass is the only approved Parts Distributor for BEs and DSCs.

Q- What is the benefit to me to use Encompass instead of GPCA?
A- Ordering parts from Encompass for your Florida locations will ship next day from Encompass. Encompass also, does not have return cap that Samsung does. Encompass may also be able to extend a credit line that Samsung may not be able to accommodate. Additionally, Encompass will continue Samsung’s offer of free shipping on orders and core returns.

Q- How do I claim a part that was purchased from Encompass for an in-warranty repair?
A- Please complete all the fields as usual. In addition, please enter the part# & invoice number into “REMARK” field of the ticket. When entering the Encompass invoice number, please add an “E” at the end. Eg. Encompass invoice# 6-645998-0219 please enter 6-645998-0219E.

Q- How can I see that I was reimbursed for parts that I used from Encompass?
A- You will be able to see your parts payments on your Monthly Statement in GSPN.

Q- What are Encompass’ returns policies?
A- Encompass’ Samsung Return Policy for Florida can be found here.

Q- Can I use both Samsung’s GPCA and Encompass?
A- Yes, HOWEVER it is very important to be organized if you do so. You will need to be careful making sure you are paying each part correctly as well as making sure you return your parts to the correct location that you purchased the parts from. If you return a part to the incorrect location, you will not receive credit.

Q- What parts can I purchase from Encompass?
A- Television & Home Appliance parts can purchased for the purpose of IW and OW repairs within Florida.

Q- Does this mean I can buy TV parts from other Distributors?
A- No, Encompass is the only approved parts distributor that is approved for In Warranty TV parts.

Q- For TV Panels, is there a Core Part Program?
A- Yes the core parts program will function the same as it does with Samsung. Your panels and other cores should be returned per Encompass policy to avoid any Core Charges.

Q- Do I pay Encompass for the parts or will Samsung pay Encompass on my behalf?
A- Your company will need to pay Encompass for your parts; Samsung will reimburse you for the warranty part on your approved warranty claim.

Q- What if there is a back ordered part through Encompass? What process do I need to follow?
A- Encompass will notify you directly if a part is not available. You will then need to update your service ticket to “Parts Pending.” Include details of parts ordered from Encompass in the ticket notes. (i.e., PO, part number, qty, ETA from Encompass, etc.)

Q- If I’m a Branded Engineer and have other accounts in different locations, can I also purchase parts from Encompass for those accounts?
A- No, for all your other accounts, please continue to purchase parts from Samsung GPCA.

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