CE Tech Tips — September 2021

CE Tech Tips — September 2021

Due to the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information.

Emerson TV, LC320EM2A
Reason for Service
: Powers on with high pitched squeal
and blinking power light.
Solution: Found shorted diode in power supply. D633, 27V/1W. 

Insignia TV, NS-LCD47HD-09
Reason for Service
: No video, backlights okay.
Solution: Replacing U507 on main board fixed set.
(was running very hot)

Panasonic TV, TH42PZ700U
Reason for Service: Dead, seven blink error.
Solution: On SC module look for row of SM FETs.
Check for shorts by lifting on leg of each. Q641-Q654

Samsung TV, UN55ES6100
Reason for Service: Set won’t connect to Internet.
Solution: Replacing the Wi-Fi module fixed set.

Samsung TV, LN55C750R2F
Reason for Service: Set intermittently had video, then went out all together.
Solution: Before replacing T-Con or main, sub crystal X11 from scrap set.  If no good, replace T-Con.

Samsung TV, PCL542R
Reason for Service: Dead set.
Solution: Replaced IC801, IC802 and IC806.

 Sharp TV, LC52D64U
Reason for Service: Dead set. F7000 blown.
Solution: Replaced Q7805, Q7808 and fuse to fix set.

 Sony TV, KV40XBR800
Reason for Service: Shuts down with 6 blink error.
Solution: Found and replaced bad cap C6556, 33uF/160V.


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