CE Tech Tips — February 2020

CE Tech Tips — February 2020

Due to the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information.

JBL Subwoofer, MP418SP
Reason for Service
: Motor boating audio
Solution: Checked main filters (8200uF/110V) for bad solder, arcing on board, etc. Cleaned all and resoldered.

Reason for Service:
Set powers on and off, but no picture or backlights
Solution: Replaced Q3817 and Q 381, plus open 1A fuse.

LG TV, 47LK520
Reason for Service:
No video, but has backlights and video
Solution: Removed and cleaned LVDS cables on both ends.

Samsung TV, PN64D8000FFXZA
Reason for Service:
Shuts down intermittently
Solution: Found bad solder at TS801 and TS802. Resoldering fixed set.

Samsung TV, PN51D6500DFXZA
Reason for Service:
Shuts down, or Picture and Splash screen alternate every few seconds
Solution: Replaced main board.

Samsung TV, LN-T5265FXAA
Reason for Service
: Set has sound and video but no backlight
Solution: Found bad solder connections on T1801 and resoldered.

Samsung TV, LN46A650A1F
Reason for Service
: Dead set
Solution: Found and replaced two 1000uF/25V caps in power supply.

Vizio TV, SV320XVT
Reason for Service:
Back lights don’t work
Solution: Replaced Q203 & Q204 on power board, as well as R209, 0.1 ohm/2W.

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