CE Tech Tips — March 2019

CE Tech Tips — March 2019

Due to the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information. 

Emerson TV, LC320EM3FA
Reason for Service: Dead set
Solution: Found shorted diode, D633. Replacing fixed set. NTE146A.

Hitachi TV, 53FDX20B
Reason for Service: No pic or onscreen display but power light does come on.
Solution: Found bad C603 and replaced.  

Reason for Service: Takes several attempts to turn on set
Solution: Found two bad caps, C114, 10uF/50V and C852, 470uF/10V.

Panasonic TV, TC-37LZ85
Reason for Service:  Dead; no standby 5v or 12V
Solution: Found D7006 leaky in power supply. 15V/1W zenner.

Samsung TV, PN51E550D1FXZA
Reason for Service:  Wi-Fi not working.  Set may cycle on and off.
Solution: Replaced Wi-Fi module. BN59-01148B.

Sceptre TV, X322BV
Reason for Service: Picture was flashing
Solution: Cleaned both ends of LVDS cable and applied Deoxit.

Toshiba TV, 55ZV6T50U
Reason for Service: Dead set
Solution: Replaced relay SR80 and R850, 1.2 ohm/5W.

Vizio TV, VX370E
Reason for Service: Picture solarized
Solution: Replaced AS15-F IC on T-con board.

Zenith TV, H24F36DT
Reason for Service: Remote will not work
Solution: Replacing eeprom, IC6001, fixed set.







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