CE Tech Tips — January 2019

CE Tech Tips — January 2019

Due to the danger and complexity of electronic equipment repair, the following technical tip is intended for professional reference only. Please refer to manufacturer’s recommendations as Encompass does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or safety of this information. 


Emerson TV,  LC501EM3
Reason for Service: At power on, LED flashes and relay clicks.  This keeps repeating, but set doesn’t come on.
Solution: Touch pad controls were bad; replace to fix the set.

Reason for Service: Set turns on, then shuts down. Has backlight.
Solution: Found bad cap on power board:  C852, 470uF/10V.

Mits TV,  WD-65738
Reason for Service: Set starts to boot normally, then shuts down with 3-6 error.
Solution: Clean dust from exhaust fans and surrounding area, then check that fans are spinning freely.

Panasonic TV,  TCP50C1
Reason for Service: One blink error
Solution: If there is 5V at pin 9 of connector P25/A25, replace A main board.  If there is no 5V,  check for continuity between pin 9 of Connector P25 and pin 5 of connector P7 on P board.  If not, replace P board.

Polaroid TV, TDA3211C
Reason for Service: Dead set
Solution: Check and replace as necessary: two 10uF, 450V caps and D10 all in the power supply.

Samsung TV, LN22B360C5D
Reason for Service: When trying to turn on set, standby light begins blinking continuously, and set never starts.
Solution: Problem on SMPS/IP board.

Sony TV, KDL-55HX800
Reason for Service: Set comes on, then shuts down.  Has 7 blink error code.
Solution: The code indicates bad HLR board or BAL board. Do this: Disconnect power.  Unplug HLR board and plug set back in and turn on.  Test to see if set now works properly and does not shut down. If so, replace HLR board.  If set does not work properly after this test, replace BAL board.

Toshiba TV, 50H72
Reason for Service:  White screen with lines across
Solution: Found cold solder on black wire that feeds the convergence ICs. Repaired solder, replaced fuse F850 (5A) and both STK392-110 ICs.







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