Reflections on NPSC 2013

Reflections on NPSC 2013

Last week, several colleagues and I attended the annual National Professional Service Convention of the National Electronic Service Dealers Association (NESDA). This was my 15th NESDA convention, and I have seen the event change dramatically over the past few years.  It’s no secret that the consumer electronics repair industry has slowed considerably from the heyday of component level repair and less reliable technology.  Just a few years ago, the NESDA annual convention was double the size it is today.
Robert Coolidge President & CEO

Robert Coolidge
      President & CEO

However, one thing that remains a constant is the indomitable spirit and resilience of the membership. Instead of bemoaning the decline, many members are diversifying into other product categories and verticals, such as  appliances, to shore up their businesses.

They are also seeking to innovate outside their traditional comfort zones. During a session for sharing best practices, one participant urged others to leverage social media to boost their businesses by asking customers to post positive comments online.  Another idea was to optimize business websites and boost traffic by incorporating relevant keywords. The participant pointed out that members can easily do this on their own like she did and cut their advertising budget in half.
To continue surviving in the CE industry, we must all seek creative ways to remain relevant and offer services that customers want at an affordable price. The most forward-thinking businesses will figure out how to be hyper-efficient and drive costs out of their operations so they can gain share in a still highly-competitive market. Technology and market conditions will keep evolving, and we have to evolve our businesses along with it or risk getting left behind.


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